Monday, 26 August 2013

My Second Photographic Journey

In late 2006 I decided that the time was right for me to Emigrate again from Britain. The weather had finally "done me in" and in addition I was no longer unable to walk easily.  In fact, without my walking stick I was pretty insecure.

Whilst searching the Net I came across a country in Central America that suited me perfectly.  The climate, the tax laws, the building laws and so on seemed to me to be very favourable.  So I booked a tour with a local organisation and in February flew via New Jersey and Miami to Belize City.

What a trip that was.  I am still friends with several people I met on that tour and we correspond regularly.

The main benefit that I brought back to Blighty was the easing of pain in my left leg.  This was caused by lesions in my lower abdomen following the operation that forced my retirement.  During the Tour I swam twice, overdoing it somewhat, in the warm waters of the Caribbean and this caused the easement.

Why not visit my Picasa Album and enjoy the tour with me?

A Tour of Belize in Central America

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