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Reap the Savage Whirlwind - Part 3

Good News ~ for me at any rate ~ is that Reap the Savage Whirlwind - Part 3 ~ working title Ambition Realised ~ 1902 - 1920 is now being written. 

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Reap  the Savage Whirlwind is a Series of books detailing the lives of three friends from disparate backgrounds as they take part in the Second South African War (the Boer War) which raged from 1899 to 1902 in what is now the Republic of South Africa.
Samson Dhlamini is a Zulu Prince who was taken from his home, together with his family, to England where he was educated to serve the purposes of the British Government in the subversion and conquering of the Zulu Nation.

Stan Davis is Canadian farmer's son from Ontario who enlisted with the Canadian Army to fight the Boers on the side of the British.
Roland Harringay-Searle is the youngest son of an English upper class family who has disgraced himself and who is sent to South Africa and paid a monthly remittance to stay away from England.
They meet in Reap Part 1 and this book chronicles the story as they flee South Africa for disparate reasons to settle in the new Country named Rhodesia - the creation of a Chartered Company funded by The Rothschilds and mining magnate Cecil John Rhodes.  On the way they meet a variety of local people and experience adventures before reaching the land where they intend to form a new Clan; a family that ignores the Race, Culture, Creed and Religion of its members. 
Reap Part 2 commences where Part 1 ends.  In this book is chronicled the expansion of the Clan following the marriages contracted ~ using ancient Tribal Ceremonies rather than the new - to the area - Christian Ceremonies in Part 1.  Here we see the Clan expanded and more people of different races being welcomed.  It is mainly the story of Roland's search for his lost love Debora and subsequent acceptance of her death. 
Reap Part 3 will continue in that search and will answer Questions about the thorny problems he has to face.  
All the books contain two stories in one for in the background one may read about the lives of two young women from Zimbabwe.  One has her entire family wiped out by thugs from Zimbabwe's Ruling Party who destroy her grand-parents farm that is her home; the other is deserted by her husband who leaves her to fight her own battles.  The two women find that their love for each other is so great that they abandon heterosexual life to join together as lovers. In the course of their packing they discover the books that have been written by one's grand-mother - the daughter of the main protagonist, Roland.
This latest book will be published towards the end of this year ~ 2014.


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