Monday, 27 August 2012

A Rhodesian in London

This is my latest writing.

It is being 'released' at the Salisbury, Wiltshire Braaibeque on 1st September.  A Braaivleis is a Barbecue.  

The book will then be available on my Lulu Website for one month - until 30th September 2012 - as an exclusive purchase to help Zimbabwe Pensioners, in that all profits from Sales - currently £1.15 per book - will be sent to the Organisation supported by the Braai.  

The book is a series of fictional anecdotes about a young Rhodesian. The Blurb reads:- 

A Rhodesian in London" is a 'Tongue in Cheek' look at a typical Rhodesian youngster in those halcyon days before the Bush War took its toll and changed the country and her people forever. In a series of anecdotes it takes the reader back to an era that is now only a fond memory of times gone by. Here you will catch a glimpse of holidays in Portuguese East Africa, cheap flights to Europe and what the youngsters got up to whilst away from their parents. You will also learn how the Hero, whose name is Randolph, acquired the nick name 'Rabid Randy' on his last holiday in Beira before flying to London. Here you will learn of his attempts to lose his virginity. Did he succeed? Read on to find out.

I will post a link to enable anyone who wishes to purchase a copy whilst, at the same time, assisting the old people of Zimbabwe, later on.

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